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Certificate of Warranty

Terms And Conditions

  1. Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd. having registered office at 12th Floor, Ambience Tower, Ambience Island, NH-8, Gurgaon Haryana , India – 122002, (“Company”) warrants the Sanyo brand LED TV (“Product”) shall be free from any manufacturing defect for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase by end user (“Customer”), on the following terms and conditions.
  2. This warranty covers only the repairs and does not entitle Customer for replacement of this Product.
  3. The warranty is valid only when the original bill of purchase indicating the date of purchase and the dealer’s name is presented to the Company or itsauthorized service centres, as designated by the Company. Any modification, amendment or defacement to these documents shall render this warranty void.
  4. This warranty is valid and applicable only to Products which are purchased in India from authorized channel of the Company. Parallel imports are excludedfrom this warranty. Further, this warranty is confined to the first purchase of the Product only, and is not transferable.
  5. Warranty takes care of any manufacturing defect or breakdown of the product during warranty period. Company, at its sole discretion will repair or replacesuch defective Product or parts thereof. All parts removed by the Company shall be the property of the Company. In the event the Company carries out repairs or replacement of any part during the said warranty period, the warranty shall thereafter continue only for the remaining period of the warranty. Any repairs done or replacement provided shall not extend the warranty term for any of the products. For avoidance of doubt, the time taken by the Company in repairing the product shall not be reason for extending the warranty term.
  6. Warranty does not cover free replacement of cabinets and styling materials, aesthetic material frames plastic parts & accessories such as rechargeable battery.
  7. This warranty does not cover any form of damage resulting from dust, foreign object, fire, water, input voltage beyond specifications, riot, mishandling, commercial use, lighting, flood or any act of natural and use contrary to the operations specified in the user’s manual supplied with the equipment.
  8. Displays may occasionally have dots missing or permanently lit. This does not necessarily indicate a fault.
  9. Any software media which does not confirm to the specifications mentioned in the operating manual, playability of such media is not warranted by thecompany.
  10. Company will not accept any responsibility for damage arising out of unauthorised modification or alteration, repair or use of this product or any accessoriesother than those specified by the Company.
  11. Company will not cover any responsibility for damage or loss arising out of mishandling or incurred during transit.
  12. The warranty is not valid if serial number or equipment is mutilated, defaced or altered.
  13. This warranty does not cover the cost of transportation of the product from the place of installation to the service centre.
  14. The Company shall not be liable or be deemed to be in default for any delay or failure in performance resulting directly or indirectly from causes beyond itsreasonable control including delay in repairing due to non-availability of any component and /or accessory, labour problem, restrictions and regulations of the government, public movement, war and any unavoidable circumstances, specially vis-a-vis the import of supplies and raw material or if the company is otherwise prevented from performing its functions under this warranty.
  15. Any defect in the electrical installation or wiring at site has to be rectified by the customer as per the recommendation of our engineers,
  16. Where applicable, it is the customer’s responsibility to backup any contents stored in the product before it is sent to the Company authorized customer carecentre for servicing. The Company shall not be responsible for any damage or modification or loss of data or any other information stored in the product.
  17. To the extent permitted by law, this Warranty and the remedies set forth herein are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, remedies and conditions,whether oral, written, statutory, express or implied. Company disclaims all statutory and implied warranties, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and warranties against hidden or latent defects, to the extent permitted by law. In so far as such warranties cannot be disclaimed, Company limits the duration and remedies of such warranties to the duration of this express Warranty and, at Company’s option, the repair or replacement services described below.
  18. The Company shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive, exemplary, consequential or economic damage or loss (including but not limited to loss of profits, data, anticipated savings, and goodwill or business opportunities arising from or related to the warranty). The Company’s liability under or in relation to this warranty shall be limited to the purchase price of the product or the Maximum Retail Price , as stated on the packaging of the product, whichever is lower.
  19. While the Company will make every effort to carry out repairs at the earliest, it is however made explicitly clear that the Company is under no obligation to do so in a specified period of time.
  20. In the event of any unforeseen circumstance , and spares not being available, The company’s prevailing depreciation rules will be binding on the purchaser to accept as commercial solution in lieu of repairs, The depreciation rules will be applicable after one year of purchase of the unit.
  21. In the event of any difference or dispute arising with reference to the terms and conditions of the warranty of their interpretation, the same shall be referred to a sole arbitrator, who shall be appointed by the Company. The decision of the sole arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties. Such arbitration proceedings shall be held at New Delhi and provision of the Arbitration & Conciliations Act 1996 shall apply to the arbitration proceedings.
  22. It is an obligatory condition of this warranty that any changes in the location of the unit or ownership thereof must be intimated in writing to the company in advance and only Authorised Dealer / Service centre shall remove and install the units on chargeable basis.