Please read the Certificate of Warranty in details carefully, to understand the ‘Terms and Conditions’ pertaining to the purchase of any particular LED model from Sanyo.
SANYO LED series can be purchased in India ONLY through amazon.com. The process of purchasing is the same as applies for other products in amazon.
Every product of SANYO is tested for quality and the warranty card will be provided on the purchase of every or any model.
There will never be a case of damage pieces being delivered. The SANYO LED TV comes in the fragile category and utmost care is taken by Amazon in terms of packaging and delivery. However, if such a case arises, you can choose for replacement.
SANYO has nearly 250 service centers in India. You can call the TOLL FREE number 1-800-419-5088 or browse the nearest ‘Service Center Locator’ at https://sanyoappliance.in/service-center-locator
You can make payment through Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Internet Banking
Once the delivery of the product is made, you need to call the toll free number to for the initial set up.
Amazon is constantly increasing its reach in India. Request you to please come back and check again.
If there are any defects in the product, you can simply call the TOLL FREE number 1-800-419-5088 or service center for the details.
No, the apps supported are below:
  1. Netflix
  2. Youtube
  3. Browser
  4. Golive
  5. Mirroring
  6. Deezer
  7. Daily Motion
It connects to internet via wifi or Ethernet. If the dongle is creating a wifi zone (like reliance mifi device) then it will work
It has its own app store from where you can access multiple apps and games. These apps run on internet and are not downloadable.
The T-browser on the Sanyo Smart TV supports basic surfing. It will not support video streaming. Alternatively you can use your android device to mirror video content on the TV.

T-browser works by loading the entire page and then displaying. Thus it gives a sense of slow loading.
Normal mobile browser load elements on the page and display them as and when each element is loaded, it gives a feeling of fast loading.
Actually time to load the entire page on both devices is similar.

Wireless display creates its own wifi range, thus it will disconnect from your home wifi. After exiting the app please give your Smart TV few seconds to again automatically connect to your home wifi.

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