Corporate Info

SANYO-Over 7 Decades of Delivering Quality Performance

SANYO has been committed to creating world class products since 1947. Over the past 7 decades, SANYO has established trust across the global community based on its excellent electronic appliances and home theatre systems. The advent of LED TVs has ushered in a new era of revolutionary technology. SANYO is well on its way to being a global leader helping people experience television like never before.

Sanyo Management Philosophy

SANYO Electric Group, by developing unique technologies and offering excellent products and sincere services, seeks to become a corporation that is loved and trusted by people around the world.
SANYO’ founder, the late Toshio Iue, gave the company its name. “SANYO” means “three oceans” -specifically, the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans: in other words, the entire world. Our founder had the earnest ambition to conduct business throughout the world, maximizing the company’s three core assets: excellent human resources, superior technologies and first-class service. Thus the company name also implies its business territory and policy.
The founder has stated his principle in this way: “As a corporation, we seek to be like the sun, which shines upon all alike, regardless of race, creed, religion or difference in wealth.” As is expressed in his statement, SANYO Electric Group has always sought to be essential to people everywhere in the world like the sun, that shines upon all.

SANYO’s Historical Milestones

  • 1947 – SANYO Electric Works was founded in Honmachi, Moriguchi City, Japan.
  • Launch of SANYO’s first model of the bicycle generator lamp (Model 47)
  • 1952 – Launch of Industry’s first plastic radio, SS-52
  • 1953 – Launch of SANYO’s first black-and-white television model, 17-C231. Launch of Japan’s first pulsator-type washing machine SW-53.
  • 1960 – Introduction of SANYO’s first colour television model, 21-CT5
  • 1965 – Launch of SANYO’s new colour television model, 16-CT50, overcame the cost hurdle of 10,000 yen per screen inch for the first time in the industry
  • 1968 – Industry’s first vacuum cleaner with cassette-type dust collector “Taro” (SC-3000) introduced.
  • 1971 – Launch of SANYO’s first remote control colour television model “Zubacon” (20-CTR910R)
    • – World’s first lithium batteries (manganese dioxide lithium batteries) developed
  • 1983 – Industry’s first refrigerator with chilling compartment (“Osashimi compartment”), SR-430VH, launched.
  • 1989 – Industry’s first 3-way multi-air conditioning system that can provide cooling and heating simultaneously introduced
  • 1994 – Sanyo enters the digital cellular phone business
  • 1997 – Launch of SANYO’s first digital camera “Maltese” (DSC-V1)
  • In 2016, Sanyo TV was relaunched in India, exclusively through Amazon.